A writing life.

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Quote of the day.

"Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing."

​​Ben Franklin

My first writing memory is of elementary school me tucked in at the small wooden desk in my bedroom, with a hand-me-down lamp and a yellow legal pad swiped from my dad's desk. I'd sit with an issue of the NY Daily News, folder over to reveal the baseball box scores from the previous day, and write articles about the Mets games, including imagined quotes given to me by my heroes. 

I was always a strong writer in school, but never wanted to share with anyone. Writing was private. I have always envied those who could just hand over their work and sit comfortably as it was read. The first time my work was performed on stage was about the most terrifying--and satisfying--night of my life!

I began my working life in the Broadcast Operations & Engineering division of ABC in NYC, rising to Supervisor of Satellite Data Transmission Systems. A move took my out of the city, and then came kids, and a career change to teaching. I now teach English to middle schoolers, and serve as an adjunct college instructor. Teaching writing, especially to reluctant adult writers, has been incredibly rewarding. I enjoy watching as they see the cathartic power of words and realize they have things of value to say. And once a writer cares about the message, writing quality improves.